Lower Back Pain

lower-back-painLow back pain is one of the most common conditions people will experience during their life time affecting up to 80 percent of the population.  Lower back pain can be quite severe but is often not due to a serious problem.  Pain is usually felt in the lower back and buttocks, but sometimes nerves can become irritated causing pain into the leg and possibly numbness and tingling into the foot and toes.  Factors such as sitting too much, poor physical condition, bending and lifting improperly and inactivity can impact lower back pain.  Other factors such as stress and lack of sleep can also make the pain worse. 

Early treatment seems to be imperative in decreasing back pain and getting back to full activity.  Staying active and focusing on specific exercises can decrease the amount of time you back pain lasts and reduce the chances of recurrence.  Our approach is to perform a thorough examination, determine the probable cause, and tailor the treatment to your specific problem.  This treatment often consists of hands on treatment and a supervised specific exercise program.  Patients will gain independence in managing their back pain with self-treatment strategies to maintain the active lifestyle they desire.